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I am a resident of the whole world. I appreciate very much the diversity of personality, culture and experiences which I have been blessed to connect with, travelling to new and exciting places is definitely my passion! Assisting others in realizing the opportunity available to us all is what I am committed to. I serve as a father, a model and a close confidante to my three wonderful children whom I adore. The world may betray me, cheat me and treat me unfairly but my children will always be there for me, love me, care for me, be loyal to me and support me. They will never abandon me and I will never abandon them. I am an assertive and creative person. I am easy-going and very understanding towards the needs of others. I have a great lovable personality, intelligent, educated, honest, loyal and a good listener . My Interests include: Biographies of great leaders; History; Country music; Blues; Rock-n-Roll; Instrumental; Music from the 60's, 70's & 80's but I'm also open and flexible with other type of music. I enjoy cooking, singing and playing my guitar, dancing, reading, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, quiet times, traveling, historical and genealogical research, philosophy. Family activities are also very important aspects of my favourite pastime. I am compiling my own recipe book.

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