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Not so long ago, Israel celebrated its 60th birthday, much to the chagrin of a sizeable portion of the world, who foolishly think that if Israel suddenly vanished tomorrow, there would be peace.

Now lets go back 70 years to Munich. The dumb populaces of Britain and France, along with their equally dumb politicians, with the conspicuous exception of Winston Churchill, thought there would be peace if only Czechoslovakia was thrown under the bus. The Sudetenland was handed over to an expanded Greater Germany which had already included Austria a few months earlier following the Anschluss, and Chamberlain on his return to Britain waved the infamous scrap of paper and proclaimed "Peace in our time", whilst Churchill was heckled for saying it as it is – that we had suffered a great defeat and that we were weighed in the balance and found wanting. Six months later, Chamberlain moaned that he had been deceived when Nazi Germany swallowed up the rest of Czechoslovakia, and the countdown to world war and the loss of over 60 million lives began.

Now forward we go to 2008. The equally dumb populaces of Britain, France, indeed pretty much all of Europe and a disturbing percentage of North Americans think that if we would only give Israel the Czechoslovakia treatment and demand they commit suicide, we will once again have ‘peace in our time’. Throwing countries like Czechoslovakia and Israel to the wolves doesn’t get us peace – all it does is make our enemies greedy for more. And if Hizbollah, Hamas and Fatah get their wish to divide up Israel just like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union carved up Poland in 1939, what would that give us? I’ll tell you. It will turn Islamic terrorist outfits into terrorist nuclear powers, all of them hell bent on our annihilation. Just imagine, these outfits having Israel’s arsenal of 200 or 300 nukes in their hands. Will you sleep easily in your beds, knowing that a few published cartoons might well mean the total destruction of your city – even your country? I certainly won’t. And that is why Israel MUST survive intact. It is the gateway to the West, and if Israel goes, our demise won’t be far behind.

Now back in 1948, the bitter memories of World War II were fresh in the minds of those who survived the Holocaust. One in three of the world’s Jews were murdered by the Nazis. But the Nazis couldn’t have carried out this mass murder of a peaceful and intelligent people without the assistance of the populations of occupied Europe. This is what Israelis remember Europeans for – the Holocaust and how they were betrayed by the rest of the non-Jewish population, and while Europeans mean no more wars when they say "Never Again", the phrase "Never Again" means no more Holocausts to the Israelis. And Israelis owe us nothing after the horrors of the Holocaust, and the dreadful treatment they suffered at the hands of bitter and twisted antisemites, even before World War II. They never forgot how the Governments of Britain, Canada and the US turned away ships full of Jews, thereby sentencing thousands of them to certain death. And, much to their disappointment, they can see history repeating itself again. And the old antisemitism of 1930s Europe is rearing its ugly head again. Hardly a day goes by without slanderous anti-Israeli remarks appearing in our press and media and uttered by our populations on all manner of messageboards. Whenever the Israelis act in self-defence, all the Jew-hatred that wouldn’t be out of place in Nazi Germany pours from every orifice. But the six million Israelis are far braver than the 380 million Europeans who try to deny them their right to exist, and resent being told that they should have their cities fired on by thousands of Katyushas without response. And contrast the treatment of Israel two years ago by our media with that of China six months ago against the Tibetans. And we know why this is so. We aren’t afraid of denying the right of six million Israelis to have their own country, but we are scared stiff of saying a wrong word against 1.4 billion Chinese. Size matters, and don’t we know it?

And if there is one thing the harsh lessons of 1939-45 and beyond have taught the Israelis, it is that they must always be ready for war. If Israel’s enemies laid down their arms, there would be peace, but if the Israelis laid down their weapons, then Israel would cease to exist. And they know it. Arab armies have tried to overwhelm that country in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 and failed, whilst terrorists have waged war against Israeli Jews since before Israel came into existence. And the Arab failure to destroy Israel – the only free and progressive country in the Middle East with equal rights rankles. The Israelis stopped Saddam Husseins nuclear ambitions in 1982, now they are faced with the task of doing the same to Ahmadinejad sometime in the near future. I wish Israel well.


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